Lalie's Information:

Owner's Name: Annemarie Fourie
Region: Western Cape
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Why Lalie should win:

This little dog repaid me for saving her life by saving mine.

I adopted Lalie from TEARS who rescued her from Macassar. She was 2 months old and was badly abused. She had cigarette burns all over her malnourished body and her one ear was half cut off. She had no hair on her body and was extremely ill with Parvo virus. It took a month of constant vet visits and hand-feeding to get her back to health. After a month she managed to get up and walk around, and ever since she never stopped following me like a shadow!

Lalie made it her mission in life to guard me every step I take. No matter what I do, she never leaves my side. This is also what she did when I wanted to end my life. The evening I drank the sleeping pills to end it all Lalie went crazy. She jumped on me where I was laying on the bed and she barked and licked my face. She just would not leave me alone and would not allow me to sleep. She made me realize that she had to fight to survive when she was abused and had Parvo. Now it was my turn to fight. So I got up, and sought the help I needed. And on the road to healing my battered soul Lalie was my constant companion.

We have a special bond that will last forever. We kept each other standing. I owe this dog so much. I may have adopted her, but she rescued me.

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